Ski and Snowboard club Vice President and Communications chair

Snowboarding is a huge passion of mine, and there wasn’t much of a snowboarding club when I first came to Muhlenberg. School snowboarding clubs get tons of benefits at mountains, including free passes and equipment. I really wanted to make the one at Muhlenberg better so students could enjoy these features, so I signed on to the executive team my freshman year. I work together with the others to organizing transportation to different mountains, get discounts from Blue Mountain, make sure safety waivers are signed, and work with the school to establish a budget. Personally, I do a lot of media work to try and get more members to sign up. I designed the Winter Sports Club logo that goes on our sweatshirts and shirts that we sell to make money. I post interesting content on our Facebook page, and I send out fun emails. My time in Winter Sports club has been rewarding and a lot of fun!

Cat and Dog Adoption Sanctuary 

Every other Sunday, I travel with other Muhlenberg students to The Santuary at Haafsville. Here, we walk, train, and feed dogs and cats that are kept there. As a dog-lover, this is a great way for me to help animals in distress while also getting to interact with animals that I love. I’ve done a lot of rewarding work over the years, including teaching a blind beagle to follow another beagle around so he could move without running into things. This has been one of my favorite volunteer activities.¬†