About Me

Creative designer, abstract painter, active adventurer, dog lover, graduating student. Obsessions include: racking up frequent flyer miles, expanding my Chinese fortune collection, shredding on my snowboard, or kicking it with my adorable puppers, Shiva and Boo.


Hello ya’ll! Jess here, and I’m excited you’ve ventured to my page. As a creative professional, I’ve always had a love for art and culture. Going to Muhlenberg, a liberal arts college, helped me explore that love in new ways. Despite starting off as a Neuroscience major, I took a few classes working with the Adobe Creative Suite that totally transformed my academic focus. I found that I could get lost in a design piece on Photoshop or Illustrator for hours on end without realizing time is passing. It wasn’t long before I started exploring this artsy side to me in other avenues. I practiced landscape and astrophotography by training and traveling with insanely talented Murri photographers across the Australian Outback. I worked with incredible Irish musicians in Dublin filming and editing music videos. I ventured across Europe, painting my wanderlust with acrylics and watercolors along the way. I’m thrilled to say I’ve figured out my passion, and eager to share my design ideas to collaborate with clients all over the world.